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HS5510PA-PB tower crane is a hydraulic self-erecting tower crane with upper slewing, horizontal jib and trolley mechanism. Its rated nominal lifting moment is 630kN•m, freestanding height is 40m, max. Lifting height can reach up to 151m after being tied in wall, max. Lifting capacity is 6t. It has good applicability and can not only satisfy general civil constructions in small-medium cities, but also can satisfy high-rise buildings in large-medium cities. Meanwhile, it is available to constructions on multilayer large-span industrial premises, turriform structure such as tall chimney and silo with slip form technology, as well as loading and unloading in wharf and goods yards.

radius changing mechanism weight sensor hoisting mechanism
height sensor slewing sensor range sensor
sheet-mounted standard sections standard sections luxury cab
monitor controller slewing platform slewing mechanism


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