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SC200 Series construction hoist has a full set of safety protection device. It is equipped with the anti-dropping tripper and short circuit protection device, upper and lower limiter and the limit switch of the cage to ensure the safe operation of the hoist;transmission device adopts three motors, triple speed reducer to make sure the elevator running smoothly and feeling comfortable; electrical wiring is simple, convenient operation and maintenance, low failure rate. The construction hoist is widely used in building construction and other fields, such as industrial and civil construction, bridge construction, underground construction, large chimney construction and shipbuilding and other places, the use of vertical transport materials and personnel, as a permanent or semi-permanent elevator can be used for warehouse, tower etc different occasions .
Model SC200/200 Series
Model SC200/200  SC200/200PD SC200/200PZ
Rated capacity(kg)                       2*2000
Lifting speed (m/min) 34 0-40      0-63
Motor power(kw) 2*2*15 2*2*12 2*3*11     2*2*12 2*3*18.5
Inverter power   (kw)       2*37      2*55
Sizes of the inside cage              (m) (L*W*H)                     3*1.3(1.5)*2.4(2.15)
Standard section height (m)                          1.508
foundation frame wall tie driving structure
driving structure-2 cabin anti-dropping tripper
galvanized sections painting sections galvanized cage
motor reducer Schneider electric box weight limiter

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